Warranty Guide - New and Used Equipment.

Effective  from the 1st June 2022  Cambridge Commercial Equipment Pty Ltd  has sold the commercial equipment brands Bakers Mate, Conquest and Crusader to Nova Chill Refrigeration. 

Phone 03 5622 0194 or visit https://novachill.com.au after this date to enquire about purchasing items carrying these brands. 

Warranty enquiries for new items purchased from CCE before 1st June 2022 carrying the branding Bakers Mate, Conquest and Crusader should be directed to Nova Chill for investigation and appropriate response.

For other normal business enquiries for Cambridge Commercial Equipment Pty Ltd Ph 03 8795 7675 or visit www.ccesales.com 

These warranty guides are to be read in conjunction with our standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Click on each picture below to download .pdf files for each class of limited warranty available.

Note there are different products in our range, with different warranties applicable.

Refer to the specifications and brochures before you purchase your product, or contact us to confirm which warranty applies to your selection of products.

Warranties are fixed and not able to be upgraded to a higher level or longer term

Installation & Maintenance Checklist.

Used Item Warranty.

Terms & Conditions of Sale.




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