Shipping policy

We have provided standard delivery ( shipping) rates for components and finished goods, which are at additional cost for the items you select.

Rates are for one man and the prices are per item.

This service is for kerbside delivery, usually with an hydraulic tailgate equipped vehicle and allows for 15 minutes to park and complete the delivery in total. 

Our standard service is adequate for most customers needs, but does not include the additional requirements many customers do not anticipate, which will require payment of additional costs for your delivery.

If your particular delivery involves or requires a forklift, after hours access ( Shopping Centres) restricted parking, no access for delivery vehicles , unpaved roads or driveways, stairs, goods lifts, lifting over counters, removal of obstacles or old equipment etc, then you will need to ask us for a specific quote and have somebody available onsite to accept the goods and co-ordinate the job when we tell you we'll be there.

Email with your requirements before you confirm your purchase online please.

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